in Motion

Meet Emily

Studio Owner | Yoga/Fitness Instructor | Speaker


Since 2004, Emily has helped clients across the country to live happier and more full lives using yoga and fitness to achieve mental and physical health.  A natural teacher, Emily has dedicated her life to making fitness and wellness services affordable and accessible for everyone.  She pursues this mission through her local low-cost studio, her online fitness products and wellness coaching.

Back to Life


Back to Life is Emily's revolutionary fitness method for relieving back pain.

It combines the ancient benefits of yoga with the cutting-edge research of modern exercise science.  This simple program corrects postural imbalances and creates core strength to support a healthy stable spine.

Mind/Body Wellness Coaching For the Health of Your Event or Company


Whether it's at your corporate retreat or wellness seminar, Emily brings powerful, "no sweat" wellness strategies into the workplace to infuse your team with energy, vitality and tools to kick stress to the curb.  An inspiring speaker, Emily will excite and educate your team with simple techniques that get big results.

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