3 Simple Tips to Engage Your Core

Did you know that you can engage and strengthen your core without doing a single sit up?

In fact, you can build core strength any time throughout the day - no matter what you're doing. All you have to do is know the right way to engage the muscles so they contract properly and support your back.

Here are my THREE favorite tips for engaging your core!

1. Draw your belly button back toward your spine.

2. As you draw your belly in, lift it up toward your ribcage like an elevator.

3. Imagine you can use your low belly muscles (below your belly button) to draw your hip bones inward toward each other and pull them in.


  • Draw your belly in as you exhale. Hold your belly in tight as you inhale.

  • Tighten your abdominals but keep your shoulders relaxed.

  • Use post-it notes to remind yourself to engage your core when you do common daily activities like bending to empty the dishwasher, or tying your shoes.

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